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Join the MMP today to measure program performance, benchmark results, and discover tools & resources to improve your programs.

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Participation is easy & free

The program is free to join and most communities complete the program assessment surveys within 90 minutes.

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Powerful analytics

Measure pounds per household, view program tonnage analysis, trend reports, and more.

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Standardized surveys

Optimized to streamline data entry, the program assessment surveys are standardized to facilitate consistent measurement.

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Benchmark results

Compare your program performance to national averages.

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Monitor year-over-year performance

Measure the effect that new programs or initiatives have on annual performance.

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Improve programs

Turn insights into action and discover new ways to improve program performance.


Annual Trend

Monitor your annual performance metrics to analyze trends and identify opportunities to make program adjustments. Trend reports are available for the following data points:

  • Tonnage Trends
  • Contamination Rate Trends
  • Lbs/HH Recycling Trend
Ann MSW tonnage

Pounds Per Household

Analyze the pounds of waste, recycling, and yard & food waste generated by each household served by your collection programs.

Lbs-HH by collection

Annual Tons Per Program

Measure the total tons of recycling, MSW, and yard & food waste captured by your curbside and drop-off programs.

Annual tonnage by program

Pounds Per Household Compared to the U.S. National Average

Compare your community’s per household recycling performance to the national average.

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The MMP is available to all municipalities, counties, and regional government agencies delivering residential material collection programs in the U.S. and Canada.



The MMP™ is an acronym that stands for Municipal Measurement Program™. It's a free program assessment and planning tool that delivers insights into municipal and county waste management agencies.
The MMP provides participants with program performance and benchmarking reports. Participating in the MMP is also a great way to centralize waste & recycling data for easy comparison each year.
The application process ensures that all applicants meet the eligibility requirements before participating. It protects the integrity of the MMP and results in greater overall data quality.
The program is available to municipalities, counties and regional government agencies in the U.S. and Canada.
Yes. Native American Tribal Governments are eligible to join.
The MMP is designed specifically for municipalities, counties, or regional government agencies who deliver waste management collection programs, so all the data collected via the program assessment surveys is at the individual participant level. As a state or provincial agency, you can participate by encouraging the municipalities, counties and/or regional government agencies in your jurisdiction to join the MMP. If you’re interested in gaining access to information about collection programs in your jurisdiction, please visit
Only one account can be created per municipality, county, or regional government agency, so the person who applies to participate in the MMP will be the same person who must complete the program assessment surveys. If information needs to be gathered from multiple departments, consider organizing a working team to assemble the information you’ll need to participate in the MMP. The following guide was developed to help members participate in the MMP: MMP User Guide.
If you don't have access to diversion data (e.g. tonnage that has been recycled) there are a few options to obtain it. The first option would be to consult with your hauler(s) and request this information from them on a predetermined frequency (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually). Alternatively, if your agency owns the landfill, material recovery facility, or transfer station in your jurisdiction, you may be able to get access to the data from the end destination. It is important to be careful not to "double-count" weights, so if you are able to get data from both the haulers and the end destinations, you'll want to compare the data sets for accuracy, not combine them.
Your data supports a national effort to consistently measure the performance of waste and recycling programs. Your data will be used to develop new tools and resources to help MMP participants boost waste and recycling program performance. Your data is also used to validate and augment data collected by The Recycling Partnership to be used in the development of the TRP National database. Finally, MMP data will be made available to organizations that purchase access to MMP reports.
The Recycling Partnership and BioCycle will be responsible for verifying MMP data so each of its program managers will have access to the data. Re-TRAC administrators maintain the program and provide technical support so all admins can access your data as necessary.
One of the benefits of hosting the MMP in Re-TRAC is that participants can use their existing accounts to access the MMP. However, to ensure you are the correct point of contact for your agency, we kindly ask that all municipalities, counties, and/or regional government agencies begin by applying to join the MMP. Once your application is approved, the MMP team will ensure the MMP is added to your existing Re-TRAC account.
Only one account can be created per MMP participant so the person who applies to participate in the MMP will be the same person who must complete the program assessment surveys. If information needs to be gathered from multiple departments, consider organizing a working team to assemble the information you’ll need to participate in the MMP.
MMP data will not be shared with other Re-TRAC programs. While many states and provinces deliver reporting programs via Re-TRAC, the surveys for those programs are likely designed to capture data required by state/provincial legislation or local ordinances. The MMP endeavors to create surveys that capture data common to all municipalities, counties and/or regional government agencies, regardless of size or location.
The Recycling Collection Programs survey collects information about the annual contamination rate of recyclables collected via curbside recycling. MMP participants have the option to provide the average annual contamination rate or decline to provide a contamination rate.
Only data that has been marked complete or verified will be included in reports.
All MMP data will be reviewed by The Recycling Partnership and BioCycle to ensure it is accurate and complete. Data that has been reviewed and approved by The Recycling Partnership and BioCycle is considered "verified".
Yes, please visit for more information.
Not at this time.
Yes, but data entered for previous years will not be verified by The Recycling Partnership or BioCycle. You will still be able to generate reports to analyze annual trends.
The MMP currently collects tonnage data for an aggregated 12-month period. While we will consider options to collect the data more frequently in the future, our beta testing phase demonstrated that annual data was the most common data set available.